Substitute teacher in classroom image

The board of education on Nov. 10 approved a plan to begin to address the severe shortage of substitutes at Perry County School District 32.


“The current shortage of substitutes is affecting us everywhere across campus,” said Superintendent Andy Comstock. “We are critically short nearly every day for substitute teachers, and often we lack enough substitute drivers and cooks to fill vacancies.”


In fact, only 39% of requested sub hours are being filled. That means that our staff is filling 61% of vacancies. “This affects all of us — classroom teachers, our office workers, our bus drivers and cooks, which means that it impacts our students as well,” Mr. Comstock said.


The new incentives, suggested by the district’s Salary and Welfare Committee, are:


·       Retired District 32 staff who substitute teach in our schools will be paid $100 per day, a $15 increase over our normal sub pay of $85 per day.


·       All substitutes, except those already being paid the beginning teacher’s salary rate, can earn more by subbing more: For each pay period in which they sub 10 or more days, they will receive an extra $10 per day.


“We are working together to find creative ways to incentivize subbing regularly in our schools,” Mr. Comstock said, “and to recognize that our district retirees are highly valued.”