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Primary Center

Ext. 1311

Elementary School

Ext. 1335

Middle School

Ext. 1331

High School

Ext. 1337

Career Center

Ext. 1341

Central Office

Ext. 1328

Special Services

Ext. 1340

Curriculum & Instruction

Ext. 1587


Ext. 1500

Food Services

Ext. 1220


Ext. 1790


Ext. 1623


Ext. 1251

Little Pirates Preschool

Ext. 1226

Adventure Club

Ext. 1609

Nursing Desk

Ext. 1377

District Administrators


Andy Comstock

Ext. 1329

Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Fara Jones

Ext. 1329

Assistant Superintendent

Jeanie White

Ext. 1329

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Carrie Tripp

Ext. 1587

Director of Special Services

Stacey Seabaugh

Ext. 1352

Director of Communications

Kate Martin

Ext. 1559

Director of Buildings and Grounds

Dan Oberkirsch

Ext. 1250

Director of Technology

Dan Querry

Ext. 1623

Assistant Director of Technology

Jon Tucker

Ext. 1623

Director of Food Services

Debbie Baer

Ext. 1220

Director of Transportation

Sarah Orf

Ext. 1264

Assistant Director of Transportation

Melanie Hager

Ext. 1263

Career Center Director

Craig Hayden

Ext. 1342

High School Principal

Shadrick Shafer

Ext. 1338

High School Assistant Principal

Lisa Martin

Ext. 1338

Athletic Director/Assistant High School Principal

Justin Dreyer

Ext. 1343

Middle School Principal

Nicholas Cowell

Ext. 1333

Middle School Assistant Principle

Stacey Versemann

Ext. 1333

Elementary School Principal

Jane Narrow

Ext. 1380

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Leslie Ackermann

Ext. 1380

Primary Center Principal

Emily Koenig

Ext. 1336

Primary Center Assistant Principal

Lacey Amschler

Ext. 1336