Students pictured holding certificates

Perryville High School recently honored students who earned athletic and "Above & Beyond" Awards. 

Courtney Wright earned Cross Country honors including All-Conference, All-District, Second Team All-Region and State Qualifier. 

Teagan Bishop was honored for earning Cross Country honors  All-Conference, All-District, Second Team All-Region and State Qualifier. Kira Hagan earned All-Region Honorable Mention. 

Soccer players who were honored include Dayton Strattman for JCAA Player of the Year, Trevor Schnurbusch for All-District Second Team and Dillion Schlimpert for All-District First Team. 

Soccer players recognized included Bryce Brewer for All-District Second Team, Carson Adams for All-District First Team,  Colby Hager for All-District Second Team, and Ty Baudendistel for All-Conference Second Team. 

Football players who were recognized include Davin Wheeler for All-Conference Second Team, Lucas Smith for All-Region Honorable Mention, Dylan Holt for All-Conference Second Team, and Evan Daugherty for All-Conference Honorable Mention. 

Softball players honored for earning All-District First team honors are Katie Roberts, Ann-Marie Simpson, Brittanie Stewart, Alyson Stortz and Kylee Stortz. Kyla Laurentius earned an Honorable Mention. 

Brooke Huber earned softball honors including All-Conference and All-District First Team. 

Kristen Kaempfe was recognized for earning First Team honors for Volleyball All-Conference and All-District. 

Makenna Bollinger was recognized for earning volleyball Second Team All-District honors. 

Above and Beyond Award winners for first semester include Addie Brewer, Alyssa King, Ava Hotop, Averie Tucker, Blayne Flentge, Cameron Cairns, Keturah Pyland, Kira Hagan, Leah Buerck, Madison Mueller, Mariah Bauwens, Mika Detjen, Noah Bergman, Rachel Hood, Sam Yamnitz, Mason Cochran, Taegan Gerler, Richard Lopez, and Tessa Johnson (above and below).