Summa cum laude graduates, Class of 2021 pictured

Perryville High School celebrates Senior Signing Day

Perryville High School recently celebrated members of the PHS Class of 2021 who will continue their education, join the military or enter an apprenticeship.

Mrs. Tracey Schlichting

The announcements were made during the annual Senior Signing Day program on May 6. 

The Summa cum Laude graduates, those with the highest honors, are Jada Ayars, Madelyn Green, Madison Kontomook, Amari Moore and Trevor Schurbusch. 

The Magna cum Laude graduates, those with high honors, are Chloe Anschultz, Samuel Bachmann, Addie Brewer, Leah Buerck, Claire Fritsche, Lauren Moore, Destiny Oehlert, William Pfaff, Gabrielle Stark and Sierra Welch. 

The cum Laude graduates, those with honors, are Vanessa Booth-Guitierrez, Hallie Bourbon, Sidney Buerck, Haley Fulmer, Gage Gembala, Annie Hayden, Dylan Holt, Kristen Kaempfe, Anna Korando, David Mejia-Box, Brittany Steffens and Bryce Stewart. 

The featured speaker was Mrs. Tracey Schlichting, a 1985 Perryville High School graduate. Mrs. Schlichting has been a teacher for 31 years, all of it at Perryville Elementary School.

She spoke to the students of priorities by filling a large glass jar with big rocks. “Is the jar full,” she asked the seniors. “Yes,” they replied. Then she added smaller pebbles. “Is it full now?” she asked. “Yes,” they replied. Mrs. Schlichting then poured in a bag of sand, and the jar was full.

“These rocks and pebbles and sand represent the things that will fill your life,” she said. The big rocks are the most important things – your health, your family, your morals. The pebbles are the important things like your job and your home. But the sand? That’s the little things.

“But notice: If we had put the sand in first, we would not have had room for the big rocks. Keep that in mind. Pay most attention to those big things that make life worth living. Mind your health and your family. Be kind, honest, sincere and helpful.”

She ended by sharing a favorite quote from Hartsill Wilson: 

 This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be a gain, not a loss – good not evil. Success, not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it.

The list below includes all students who had been accepted, enrolled or enlisted by May 6. All students who were in attendance at Senior Signing Day are pictured.

·       United States Coast Guard Academy — Adrienne Weibrecht

·       Arizona State University— Jerry Roth

·       Belmont University — Tyler Heberlie

·       Central Methodist University — Dylan Holt

·       Concordia University – Courtney Wright

·       Culver-Stockton College – Evan Daugherty

·       Fontbonne University — Kristen Kaempfe

·       Grand Canyon University — Nya Walker

·       Greenville University — Fernando Bojorquez

·       Lindenwood University — Seth Orf, Lacey Strubber

·       Maryville University — Brittany Steffens, Sidney Buerck

·       Missouri University of Science and Technology — Jada Ayars

·       Saint Louis University — Amari Moore

·       Southeast Missouri State University — Addie Brewer, Hallie Bourbon, Colby Hager, Brianna Hoehn, Jack Rehagen, Adyson Mattingly, Skyler Jokerst, William Pfaff, Abby Neuling, Jonah Cook, Riley Brooks

·       Southern Illinois University Edwardsville — Alana Koon

·       Murray State University — Lauren Moore

·       University of Missouri-Columbia – Madelyn Green, Trevor Schnurbusch

·       Missouri State University — Vanessa Booth

·       University of Mississippi — Annie Hayden

·       University of Missouri-Kansas City — Destiny Oehlert

·       Jefferson College – Bryce Stewart, Haley Fulmer, Sunnie Roderique, Trey Scruggs

·       Mineral Area College – Leah Buerck, Chloe Anschultz, Michaela Dodd, Kyla Laurentius, Ashlyn Hotop, Abby Reed, Sierra Welch, Whitney Kasten, Jolie Simmons, Claire Fritsche, Madison Kontomook, Brooke Huber, Brittanie Stewart, Chloe Lukefahr, Aaron Wibbenmeyer

·       St. Charles Community College — Taylor Barnett

·       St. Louis Community College — Kaitlyn Huber

·       Three Rivers Community College — Ann-Marie Simpson

·       American Welding Academy – Garrett Braeuner, Ryan Manche, Dawson Camden

·       Cape Career Center – Makayla Monier

·       Lincoln Tech — Bradden Greatting

·       Tennessee College of Applied Technology — Isaac Douglas

·       Ranken Technical College — Josh Pierick

·       Renaissance Beauty Academy — Jadyn Buerck

·       State Technical College — Holden Dobbelare, Sam Bachmann, Noah Kiefer, Mitchell Zoellner, Kolin Kaempfe, Rhylan Kirn, Coltin Black, Clay Bergman, Jay Jannin, Kiya Barton, Jacob Schlimpert, Samuel Barber

·       Wyoming Technical Institute — Braden Tanz

·       Local 513 Operating Engineers of St. Louis Internship — Blayne Martin

·       Missouri National Guard — Brittany Brooks