2021-22 Academic Calendar

The 2021-22 calendar includes:

·       Classes begin Monday, Aug. 23 for students in Grades 1-12

·       Wednesday, Aug. 25 is the first full-day of school for Kindergarteners

·       Four early-dismissal days (11:30 am) for students, which are full days for all staff

·       Wednesday, Nov. 24 is a full day off

·       Monday, March 14 is a Spring Break Day following P/T Conferences and PD Day on March 10 & 11  

·       Have a reduced number of PD days before the start of the year to allow for PD/collaboration days throughout the year as teachers requested

·       Dismisses students at 11:30 am instead of 12:30 pm on half days. Half-days for students are full work days for all staff, who will work their regularly-scheduled hours

·       Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Oct. 21 and March 10 from 12:30-7:30 pm. This is a half-day of school for students with dismissal at 11:30 am. The next day is a half-day of PD for certified staff. 

·       Snow Days will be virtual instruction days

·       Seniors’ last day of school and graduation is May 20, the last day for Grades K-11 is May 25.