Student at PCMS dissect owl pellets
Coach and student pictured in weight room
First graders writing about elephants
Mark Twain readers
Lacey Amschler and Emily Koenig pictured at MAESP Conference in March 2023
Mrs. Kasten's Little Pirate classroom dressed in green
Photo of Craig Hayden
Photos of PHS student artists
School Board Recognition Month is March 2023. Thank you school board members for your local leadership
Photo of teacher Phoebe Pohlman with magazine article about Chess
Career Center Spring Classes
Photos of D32 school counselors. Info in text
Students in STEM Class
V-Alert Flyer: Text in body of article
Mrs. Jeanie White
Students who earned All District Choir honors at PCMS
Perryville FFA members pictured at National Convention
Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley, PCMS play
American Legion Color Guard at D32 Veterans Day Ceremony